The living room; watchwords.
Comfort and leisure.

"21.00. is the time of day you prefer; everything to me. I turn on the TV that is perfectly placed in my living room furniture, I do not know whether to play or look to play a DVD. And then I lie on my couch. It is the day that the dream ... We laugh about it because it is the only thing that gives me satisfaction at this time. Cuddle me, warms me makes me relax, and most importantly it is so cozy that makes me forget all the bad of the day "

The space in your home dedicated to relaxation, to chicchere between loved ones, to welcome guests. Jealous 3 helps you to create a dynamic and harmonious, satisfying needs and desires. Sofas and armchairs with high quality in form and material. Spaces that are made according to the needs and metrics allow you to receive everything that you want to cherish and live your passions.

Books, movies, games and more to find their rightful place.

The composition of the furniture in the living room is crucial, and it is for this reason that our choice is always on innovative forms, studied and designed to make best use of the space available and make the elegant and harmonious.

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