Kitchen is not eating. It is much, much more. Kitchen is poetry.
Heinz Beck, L'ingrediente segreto, 2009.

"At 18.00 I run home run after a long day of work. I immediately start to cook to please all tastes of my children. Luckily I have five super stove and a refrigerator equipped. While preparing dinner, I also think that Marco this morning I did find the coffee already hot on the peninsula where we have breakfast. While cutting the bread, in that so beautiful, so warm, between the stove and cookware, pass me tired and I feel at home. "

The kitchen should be a welcoming environment, like a suit must be functional, practical, but that also respects the aesthetic desires of us all.

Jealous 3 "dress" your bespoke kitchen. Planning is essential in order to create an environment that wants to be the answer to your inquiries. To create this environment by the materials and the most innovative forms. The kitchen becomes the expression of a space carefully studied, the union between large surfaces and items contenutivi and a constant search for innovative materials, they want to impress their simplicity and elegance.

We live in the kitchen every day of our lives and its design must comply with the criteria not only aesthetic but also practical efficiency and rationality. In this design the functionality of extreme beauty is synonymous with everyday life.

All our products are modular components, you can choose from many models, colors and finishes that allow you to customize your kitchen according to your taste and make it unique.

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