Two things to keep alive the creatures: the bed and the game; because one is cool de toil and another recreation of the hassles.
Pietro Aretino, Dialogue card speakers, 1543

"23.00. finally go into my den in my bedroom. It is the site of what is most intimate, most mine. I have all my stuff perfectly placed in the walk-in closet. I look around in the dim light of my lamp shaped like a lily, and cast his eye on the big mirror that reflects me whole. Then I slip between the sheets in my bed in soft leather from millions of pillows. From that environment so magical, so my path would lead me not even the evil ogre. "

The bedroom is the space of the house where we regenerate, when we reload the batteries for both the body and mind. We need a place to re-establish peace, to give us some good feelings.

JEALOUS 3 to meet these needs has a range of infinite products, customizable wanting to be the answer to your dreams.

Beds, containers, nightstands and dresser want to decorate your room in a unique way. The choice of colors, fabrics becomes an expression of your personality, to give a touch more special to your habitat.

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